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Buying a domain name cheaply?

Whether you want to register or transfer a domain name, we understand that you do not want to pay too much for it. In this article we explain what you should consider when choosing the company where you buy your domain.

Cheap domain name registration

A domain name can be registered cheaply by many different companies. Once you then want to use your domain name, for example to send emails or to put a website on your domain name, then you actually often have to buy all kinds of additional services, such as web hosting and email packages. This often makes it quite expensive. It is also really inconvenient, with all kinds of packages and services that you have to buy just to be able to use your domain name. We find this outdated and quite confusing for customers.

All-in-one solution of

At we offer an all-in-one solution where everything is included with your domain name. You only pay for your domain name. Emailing, web hosting, our website builder and SSL security is included. You pay nothing extra for this. In addition, we offer a very advanced and modern control panel to manage your domain names.

Comparing domain name costs

At you only pay for your domain name and have no other costs. We are unique in this innovative approach, where we focus on customer convenience. Because other hosting companies require you to purchase all kinds of services and packages in order to use your domain name, it is quite difficult to make a good price comparison. Regardless, we have made such a price comparison and we dare to claim that even though everything is included with your domain name, is still much cheaper than the competition.

But the lower price is not the only plus, the ease of use is also much better because you get instant access to all the tools to make a big success of your online presence.

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