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    How do I create an email address?

    Want to create an email address for your domain name? At, it's really easy! Log into your dashboard and go to your domain name's management page.

    1. Click on "Email". If it is still set to "OFF", turn it "ON".
    2. At "Email addresses", you can create a new email address.
    3. Choose the type email address you want. You can choose between a forwarder, an email address and a catch-all. Do you want to know the difference between the three? Click here.
    4. Once your email address is created, you can use it to log into the webmail and your own mail client.
    5. Did you just enable "Email" for your domain name? Please note that it may take up to 24 hours before you can receive emails. This is because the DNS of your domain name still needs to be picked up all over the internet.

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