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3 things to avoid in your domain name

Choosing a good domain name for your online store or website is not easy. There are many things you want to take into account. You want to make sure the domain name is suitable for the content on your website or online store. You also want to make sure the domain name sounds good and is easy to remember. When choosing a strong domain name, you think about the do's and don'ts. What things should you avoid in a domain name? We give you insight into 3 factors that are best avoided when choosing your new domain name.

1. Avoid confusion

It is important to consider that there are about 2 billion websites online. The competition is greater than you can imagine. Of course, this also means that it is crucial to make sure your domain name stands out. You want to have a unique, branded domain name that will impress people. In addition, it's important to choose a domain that's relevant for your brand. Have you found a good domain name? Then always check first if there are no major competitors with a domain name that can easily be confused with yours. For example, think of / or / This causes confusion, and the risk that people end up on the website of a competitor is high. Avoid confusion and make your domain name truly unique.

Always check first if there are no large competitors with a domain name that can easily be confused with yours.

2. Do not use hyphens in your domain name

Adding hyphens to your domain name is not a good idea. In many cases, these hyphens make for poorer readability. In addition, hyphens are often not remembered, causing people to remember the wrong URL. Word-of-mouth advertising won't work well when people forget to mention the hyphen, for example. Only use a hyphen in your domain name if you really have no choice. Remember that it is not necessary to separate multiple words in a domain name by hyphens. People are used to writing words to each other in URLs. Only use a hyphen if writing the words together causes a strange or even inappropriate different interpretation.

3. Try to avoid double letters in your domain name

It's good to try to avoid double letters in a domain name. Especially when words are written next to each other, people can get confused more quickly. This happens mainly when a word ends with the same letter as the next word begins with. If you do not want to use hyphens, then it is good to avoid this. Double letters easily cause people to doubt whether they are writing the URL correctly. So, try not to show double letters in your domain name, unless preventing this is simply not possible, for example because your company name would no longer be correct.

You want a unique, remarkable domain name that will make an impression. In addition, it is important to remain on-brand.

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