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New Web Hosting Servers Now with LiteSpeed and Redis

In our ongoing commitment in offering the best web hosting experience for our customers and staying at the forefront of technology, we're excited to announce the introduction of our new web hosting servers. These new servers are equipped with LiteSpeed and Redis, promising to significantly boost website speed.

We understand that fast and reliable website performance is crucial in today's digital world, and our goal is to provide you with the best tools to achieve this.

What is LiteSpeed?

LiteSpeed Web Server is a revolutionary technology that stands out from traditional web servers due to its exceptional speed and efficiency. It's designed to improve website load times significantly, a key factor not only for user experience of your website visitors but also for SEO performance. Websites hosted on LiteSpeed servers experience faster loading speeds, which is vital in keeping visitors engaged and reducing website bounce rates. The enhanced speed and efficiency of LiteSpeed not only improve the overall user experience but also contribute positively to search engine rankings.

What is Redis Object Cache?

Redis Object Cache is an advanced caching system that plays a vital role in enhancing the performance of web hosting. It excels in speeding up database operations, making it particularly beneficial for websites that experience high traffic or have complex database interactions. By efficiently storing data in memory, Redis reduces the load on databases, thereby speeding up website response times. This is especially advantageous for dynamic websites where rapid data retrieval is crucial.

Availability for Customers

These innovative features are available to customers that use our web hosting service. The cutting-edge technologies of LiteSpeed and Redis are integrated into our web hosting servers DA017, DA018, and DA019. LiteSpeed is accessible to all our web hosting clients on these servers, offering enhanced speed and efficiency to everyone. However, Redis, with its exceptional database operation acceleration, is exclusively available to those on our Silver and Business packages on these servers.

For those not currently on servers DA017, DA018, or DA019, switching is straightforward. First make sure you have a backup locally on your computer. Then you can simply disable and then re-enable web hosting for your domain. This process will automatically delete and then recreate your web hosting account on one of these three servers, ensuring you benefit from LiteSpeed and Redis technologies. This means you will lose all current data in your web hosting account, so that’s why you need to have a backup locally.

In the future, we plan to introduce a feature allowing you to choose your preferred web hosting server when activating web hosting, giving you more control over the technology powering your websites. For now, all new web hosting accounts will be automatically placed on DA017, DA018, or DA019.

How to Use LiteSpeed and Redis?

To make the most of these new features with WordPress, you can easily install the LiteSpeed plugin and the Redis Object Cache plugin. For enabling Redis on your web hosting account, simply search for 'Redis' within DirectAdmin. It's important to ensure that your current web hosting package supports Redis. If it doesn't, upgrading your package is a straightforward process and can be initated from your dashboard on These steps will empower you to fully use the speed and efficiency benefits offered by LiteSpeed and Redis for your website.'s Dedication to Providing First-Class Web Hosting Services

It's clear that our new LiteSpeed and Redis features mark a significant step in our dedication to providing first-class web hosting services. These technologies not only enhance website speed and efficiency but also improve overall user experience for your website visitors and improve your visibility in search engines as it enhances your SEO performance. We are committed to continuously evolving and offering the best solutions to our customers. We invite your feedback and questions regarding these new features or any aspect of our services. Your feedback helps us to serve you better and stay aligned with your needs.

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