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Starting an online store: keep in mind the top trends!

If you want to start an online store in this day and age, you should keep in mind the top trends in the world of e-commerce. It is true that many trends play an important role in achieving greater success. Do you want your online store to be well prepared for the future? Then it is important to use the top trends for online stores of today. Of course, we'd like to give you a few tips.

Saying that you work sustainably is one thing. Showing it is something else.

1. Making processes more sustainable

Saying you are working sustainably is one thing. Showing it is another. More and more people are actively working on sustainability and therefore prefer to buy from a company which shows they operate in a sustainable way. So, show people that you care about the environment and take it into account. You can do this by producing and/or shipping as green as possible, but also by including recycled or recyclable products in your product range.

2. More transparent and faster shipping

It is important to be clear about the way you ship. It's not just about the delivery times, but also the method of delivery and what services may be used. Be as transparent as possible when it comes to shipping. In doing so, also try to use the shortest possible delivery time. Same day delivery is an emerging trend. Can you only deliver after 3 working days? If so, there is a great risk that customers will go to a competitor just for faster delivery. So ensure transparency and speed.

3. Set up your online store for international trade

More and more online stores are also shipping to other countries. This doesn't necessarily mean selling to countries on the other side of the world. Selling to countries like Belgium and Germany is of course also included in international trade. Many Dutch online stores are seeing an increase in orders from abroad. It's good to make sure your online store is (already) prepared for this.

Set up your supply chain with as many certainties as possible for yourself, so you can pass these certainties on to your customer.

4. Boosting the supply chain

Set up your supply chain with as many certainties as possible for yourself, so you can pass these certainties on to your customer. Especially during the the coronavirus pandemic, we have seen that problems in the supply chain have a long-lasting effect. For example, consider the shortage of chips for laptops. Ultimately, this leads to customer dissatisfaction. So try to ensure that the supply chain is set up as tightly as possible.

Customer satisfaction is more important than ever before.

5. Prioritizing the customer experience

Customer satisfaction is more important than ever before. People are not only looking for the best product, but also for the best service. There is a lot involved here. The overall customer experience includes many factors, from great product photos and clear product descriptions, to easily accessible customer service and a friendly tone. Pay close attention to creating a positive experience for your customer, ensuring that they will be happy to return for their next purchase.

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