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How do I turn on the website builder for my domain name?

How do I turn on the website builder for my domain name?

The easy and modern way to create a website is through our website builder. You will not only build the most beautiful websites with this, but also user-friendly online stores.

First, go to the management page of your domain name and click on "Website builder". Then, click on the slider to turn on the website builder. The website builder will be activated immediately and you can use the yellow button to log into the website builder.

DNS linking

If your domain name uses the default settings of, you won't have to do anything to link the DNS of your domain name to the website builder. That will happen automatically.

If you are not using the default settings of, your dashboard will tell you which DNS records need to be created for the website builder to work properly. You will have to create these DNS records manually. However, we recommend that you use the default settings of so you don't have to worry about this.

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