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How does the renewal of a domain name work?

How does the renewal of a domain name work?

In general, your domain name is valid for one year after registration or transfer, unless you chose a longer period. When the expiration date of your domain name approaches you can renew it manually or automatically.

Manual renewal

You can always renew your domain name manually. It's cheaper to renew your domain name for a longer period, because you'll get a good discount automatically.

You can manually renew your domain name on the management page of your domain name by clicking on "Renew".


15 days before the expiration date of your domain name, we'll try to renew it automatically. We'll only do this if the auto-renewal of your domain name is enabled. If the auto-renewal is not enabled for your domain name, then you will only receive an email reminder about the approaching expiration date of your domain name.

You can pay for an auto-renew through your online wallet, credit card or direct debit. Paying via your online wallet only works if you have a sufficient balance or if you've spent more than a certain threshold amount at in the past. Paying by credit card or direct debit for your automatic renewals is possible only if you have given us an authorization.

If an automatic renewal failed because we cannot charge it, you will receive an email warning from us. Youaltijd can then top up your online wallet balance or authorize us to collect from your bank account or credit card.

What if my domain name expires?

If your domain name expires, it will be deleted at the registry. All associated services, such as web hosting, website and email will become inaccessible. To re-activate your domain name you will have to pay a re-activation fee. These are always higher than the normal renewal cost of your domain name.

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