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Information about creating redirects

Information about creating redirects

Redirecting all or part of your domain name to another website? At you can set that up very easily. You can find more information about creating redirects here.

Create a redirect

You can create a redirect from the management page of your domain name. Click on "Redirects" in the menu. In the domain name input field, enter your domain name or a subdomain of it. As type you select 301, 302 or iframe. Information on this can be found below. In the destination address field, enter the website where visitors should be redirected to.

Domain name or subdomain

If you want to redirect your entire domain name to another website, create two redirects. Let's say your domain name is "". Then create one redirect for "" and one for "".

If you only want to redirect a subdomain of your domain name to another website, for example "", then enter "" as your domain name. You can then also choose to create a redirect for "". You may decide which redirects you need and create them yourself this way.

Type of redirect

You can choose a 301, 302 or iframe redirect, as described below.

  • 301: Such a redirect is seen as a permanent redirect.
  • 302: These redirects are seen as a temporary redirect.
  • iframe: The visitor of your website sees an iframe containing the target address of the redirect. Your domain name remains unchanged. These iframes do not always work properly because of the SSL security of the target address and we therefore recommend not using them.

Target address of redirect

The target address is the address of the website where visitors should be directed to. It should always start with "http://" or "https://".

After creating, please be patient

After creating a redirect, please be patient. It can take up to 24 hours for your redirect to start working. That's because the DNS change of your domain name needs time to be processed all over the internet.

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