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Information about the online wallet

Information about the online wallet

At, we offer a convenient, innovative online wallet.

What is it?

You can deposit money into your online wallet, which can be used to make purchases on You can use your online wallet to pay for new domain names, but also to renew existing domain names. It's also a payment method that you can select on the payment page.

In addition, we use the online wallet to send you your credits (refunds). That way, we don't have to transfer every payment to your bank account. If you want to withdraw money from your online wallet, please contact us.

If you have spent more than a certain threshold amount and we know you well as a customer, then your online wallet may also have a negative balance which you can pay for later. In that case, you don't need to deposit the balance in advance to your online wallet for automatic renewals. Your online wallet balance can only be negative for 30 days at a time. You must therefore top it up once every 30 days to at least €0.00.

Automatic top up of your online wallet.

Would you like to have your negative online wallet balance automatically topped up to €0.00? That's possible! You'll need to give us an authorization on your bank account or on your credit card. When making a payment on our payment page, you can indicate that you want to give an authorization to

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