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Information about using SSH

Information about using SSH.

Do you prefer to use SSH to manage your web hosting? You can do that with First, go to your domain name's management page. Then, click on "Web Hosting." There, set SSH to "On".

After that, go to DirectAdmin, click on "SSH Keys", and paste your SSH key at the bottom, under "Paste Authorized Key". Then press "Create".

Logging into SSH is very easy after that. Use your username, and as SSH address use the URL of your DirectAdmin control panel, but remove "http://" and ":2222". So, if you're logged into DirectAdmin at "", then your SSH address is "". You can also use your own domain name as SSH address, but then your domain name must already point to your web hosting.

Connecting is done by typing "ssh" into the command line. You don't need a password, as your SSH key will give you instant access.

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