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Is's web hosting powerful enough for my website?

At, we do not offer different web hosting packages. Instead, we offer an all-in-one solution where everything is included with your domain name. This means you don't have to worry about upgrading to a larger package. But how do you know if our web hosting is powerful enough for your website?

You can think of our solution as an "all you can eat" concept. Everything is included, without limits. We do, however, enforce a "fair use policy" to prevent excessive or improper use.

If your website requires a lot from our server, we will allocate more computing power to your website. Our servers are very powerful and run on a cloud environment. We can keep expanding the computing power and allocate more and more to your website. However, you cannot expect us to continue doing this indefinitely. At some point, we will contact you to work together to find a solution. This solution could involve hosting your domain on a different (external) server. We will discuss this together.

Our servers are very powerful, and we also do not place too many users together on a server. This prevents servers from becoming slow and saves us time that we would otherwise spend supporting customers with slow websites.

Nevertheless, our all-in-one solution is not suitable for every website. For 95% of all websites, our unique all-in-one solution will work excellently and be sufficient. However, the largest and busiest websites usually require a powerful server that they do not share with other users.

Our promise to you

We have complete confidence in our technology and expertise. Your website will thus run quickly and smoothly on our web hosting servers. In most cases, we can simply allocate more computing power to you. If your website still turns out to be too large, or becomes too large, we will try to resolve this together. We will do this in consultation with you and always with the aim of guaranteeing the best possible performance and service for your online presence.

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