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The difference between a website and a domain name

In this article we explain the difference between a website and a domain name.

What is a website?

A website is a collection of connected web pages that can be accessed through the internet. It's a platform where people can share information or sell products. A website can be personal, like a blog, or it can be for a business. A website usually has a domain name, which is the address people use to find the website. For example, our website is

What is a domain name?

Websites are hosted on servers, which are computers where all the files for the website are stored. When someone types in the domain name of a website, it connects to the server that hosts the website and retrieves the files from that server. This is how the visitor can see a website. A domain name is the address of a website. It is what you type into the address bar of a web browser to visit a website. Domain names can be used for websites, email addresses, and other purposes.

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