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    Information about using SFTP.

    In addition to FTP and SSH, you can also use SFTP at This is very similar to FTP, but is more secure and uses the SSH connection.

    First you need to enable and configure SSH. Read the article on that here: Information on using SSH.

    Logging into SFTP is very easy after that. Use your DirectAdmin username, and as the SFTP address use the URL of your DirectAdmin control panel, but with "sftp://" instead of "http://" and without ":2222". So, if you're logged in at "", then your SFTP address is "s". You can also use your own domain name as the SFTP address by putting "sftp://" in front of it, but then your domain name must already point to your web hosting.

    Are you using Filezilla to connect to SFTP? If so, make sure you select the correct SSH key in your profile to log into SFTP.

    If your web hosting server is "", you can log in via the command line with "sftp".

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