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The risk of forwarding emails to external email addresses

In this article, we’ll discuss the reasons why does not allow you to use forwarders to forward emails to external email addresses. Although it’s still possible to create forwarders at, you can’t create forwarders to external email addresses. We’ll explain why has taken this measure to prevent our mail servers from being blacklisted. We also give some alternative ways to forward emails and explain how to use IMAP and POP3 to import emails.

The advantages and disadvantages of using a forwarder

A forwarder is a handy feature that allows you to automatically forward emails to another email address. This can be useful if, for example, you have multiple email addresses and want to manage them all from one single inbox. However, there are also risks to using forwarders.

If spam gets through the filters and is forwarded through a forwarder to an email provider like Gmail or Outlook, it can lead to problems.

Why does not allow forwarders to external emails

A major risk of forwarders is that spam filters are sometimes unable to block all spam. If spam gets through the filters and is forwarded through a forwarder to an email provider such as Gmail or Outlook, this can lead to problems. These providers may then consider that the spam came from our mail server, and our mail server may end up blacklisted as a result.

If our mail server gets blacklisted, this may cause our emails to be blocked by other providers and mail filters in the future. This may result in our emails not arriving to certain recipients. To avoid this risk, has chosen not to allow creating forwarders to external emails.

Fortunately, you have other options, such as to import emails using IMAP or POP3.

Limitations for forwarders at Only possible to email addresses with the same domain

At, we understand that forwarders can be useful in some cases. However, because of the risks associated with a forwarder, we at have taken measures to make our email service more secure.

One of the restrictions we have set for forwarders at is that they can only be forwarded to email addresses with the same domain.

While this restriction may seem inconvenient, it does provide an additional layer of security against the risk of our mail server being blacklisted. By allowing forwarders only to send emails to addresses with the same domain, we reduce the risk of spam getting through our filters and being forwarded to external email providers.

At, we strive to make our email service as secure and reliable as possible. By setting restrictions on the use of forwarders, we protect our customers from the risks of spam and ensure that our email service remains reliable and secure.


Use IMAP and POP3 to import emails elsewhere

If you want to read your emails elsewhere and still use your email address created at, you can use IMAP and POP3.

To use IMAP or POP3 to import your emails elsewhere, you must enter the mail server settings. You can easily find these mail server settings and port numbers at your dashboard; they’re at the top of the page where you can create email addresses for your domain name at

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