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Why is it best to use the default settings?

Why is it best to use the default settings?

When you register or transfer your domain name to us, the default settings are immediately set for your domain name. It is best to leave these on. You can check this at "Domain Settings" -> "Advanced Settings".

The default settings for your domain name mean that our systems automatically set all settings correctly for your domain name. It doesn't matter which services you activate for your domain name, you won't have to worry about changing the DNS settings. For almost all customers we therefore advise using the default settings.

Are you an advanced user?

Would you rather set your own DNS records, DNSSEC records and maybe your own nameservers? You can definitely do that! Turn off the default settings. You can then change all the settings yourself. Please keep in mind, you do carry the risk of incorrectly setting up your domain name. This might result in your website or email functioning incorrectly.

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