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05-19-2024 10:05:55 PM
More European

I enjoy using, and my primary reason of choosing it was the .eu TLD. A lot of European IT is lost among the .com, .net, .io, and new TLDs like .cloud and others - not though, along with the ccTLDs as well. 1st idea: more site.ccTLDs, and deploying nameservers on all of them with European providers.

2nd idea: moving company infra (customer service, newsletters, etc) to European alternatives (although many of them use Amazon and/or Google and/or Microsoft, so it requires thorough research), or running self-hosted alternatives in-house.

Please let me know if these ideas are something you could consider.
05-20-2024 10:02:04 PM

Hi there,

We appreciate you for choosing! :-) We are also proud of our European identity. But as you know, sometimes it's difficult to find a European alternative to a service.

We already have launched many Site.cctld and we intend to launch more in the future.

Thank you for your feedback and both will be passed to the rest of our team.