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Information on registering and transferring .es and domains

In a world where the internet is becoming increasingly important, having a recognizable and unique online presence is crucial. One way to achieve this is by choosing an appropriate domain name. In this article, we discuss why registering and transferring .es and domain names is a great idea and why is the place to do it!

Why register a .es or domain name?

A .es or domain name is the perfect choice for both individuals and businesses targeting the Spanish market or wanting to project a Spanish identity. These domain extensions immediately give your website a local feel and strengthen your brand in Spain. Moreover, Spanish-speaking visitors can easily find your website, resulting in greater reach and more traffic.


Why choose is a hosting company that stands out for its all-in-one solution. With and the optional package you not only get a domain name but also web hosting, email, SSL, and a website builder. This makes managing your online presence easy and straightforward. Additionally, offers more than 500 different domain extensions, including .es and, allowing you to always make a suitable choice for your website.

The registration and transfer process for .es and domain names

When registering or transferring a .es or domain name, the domain holder must first provide confirmation. This confirmation is done by clicking a link sent to the domain holder via email. Only after clicking this link will the registration or transfer be carried out.

Special requirements for Spaniards

For Spanish individuals and businesses, entering an NIE or NIF number is mandatory. The NIE number (Número de Identidad de Extranjero) is an identification number for foreigners in Spain, while the NIF number (Número de Identificación Fiscal) is the tax identification number for Spanish citizens and businesses. When ordering a or .es registration or transfer, will ask for this number, if required. Make sure to enter this number correctly, as without a valid NIE or NIF number, the registration or transfer will not succeed.

If you are not a Spanish citizen or business, you do not need to enter an NIE or NIF number. In this case, the registration or transfer process will proceed without any issues, as long as you have entered all other required information correctly.

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